Yellow Team
Number of Members 2
Highest Ranking Member Brandon, 2nd Place
Lowest Ranking Member Max, 17th Place
Team Selected By Pre-Challenge

The Yellow Team/Pair was one of the pairs in Total Drama Tour of the Seas. The team consisted of two members: Brandon and Max. Both made it to the merge, Brandon going on to Team Awesome, and Max on Team Dynamite. Max was the second person voted off of his team.


  • Both members of the Yellow team were boys, but most of the other teams had boys and girls.
  • They were put up for elimination once, but neither were voted for.
  • Interestingly, Brandon has always been on the yellow/gold team, in every season. First Team Victory, then the Yellow Team, and then Team Awesome. Max, however, was on the Yellow team, and then the orange Team Dynamite.