-Bridgette_dj10 (AJ)- WikiPresident- Specialty: Works all around in all of the fields, is the main host

-EvaBridgetteGwenRocks (EBGR)- WikiArtist- Specialty: Making characters and working on the pages

-Alejandrofan3000 (Alfan)- WikiGrouper- Specialty: Categories and helping with Episode plots

-Jake R (Jake)- WikiCharacter- Specialty: Making characters with EBGR, and working on other stuff

-Izzynsierrafan12 (INSF) - WikiAllAround- Specialty: Mainly helps with categories, character pages, assists EBGR and does alot of others.

-Mister E (MrE)- WikiAllAround- Specialty: Works on everything with everybody

-Kate4TDWT(Kate)- WikiFormatter- Specialty: Formatting the wiki and pages

-LeshawnaFan (LF)- WikiDiva- Specialty: Being nice, Helping to host, and doing well in the competitions

-Zoomer72(Zoomer)- WikiApprentice- Specialty: Helps with pretty much everything, and assists EBGR on the art team.

-Nduke (Nduke)- WikiDirector- Specialty: Helps with casting and auditions, and working on Character pages. Also helping to host

-Puffles Rule (Puff)- WikiTempMaster- Specialty: Making templates for the wiki


-Mrdaimion (MrD)

-Codmister22 (Cod)

-Dakotacoons (Dakota)