Total Drama Tours is the series, created by AJ. He has had Neko, LF, and Nduke, as co-hosts so far (In Season 2).

Total Drama Tour of the WorldEdit


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In Season One, Chris took 18 competitors around the world, adding 4 a long the way. From Vegas, to Egypt, to Camp Wawanakwa, to Australia, the contestants went everywhere battling it out for one million dollars. Despite everyone's tough efforts, Destinee ended up coming out on top and winning the million after winning the Italy challenge and then the jury vote.

Total Drama Tour of the SeasEdit

In Season Two, Chris threw 24 contestants onto a boat, that was going to tour around the ocean. Two contestants were added, but the pair was proven to be weak and was quickly eliminated. From challenges on the ship, to exotic island destinations, the contestants toughed through tons of intense challenges. It was a long battle, with quitters, and losers. In the finals there awere two contestants battling it out, trying to find all the other competitors who were teleported to different cities around the world. In the end, Samuel won by ten points.

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