Total Drama Tour of the Seas is the second season in the Total Drama Tour series.


  1. AJ
  2. Quinn
  3. Destinee
  4. Samuel
  5. Pablo
  6. Iris
  7. Kevin
  8. Sarah
  9. Abby
  10. Brandon
  11. Zoey
  12. Jake
  13. Bronson
  14. Gillian
  15. Daniel
  16. Max
  17. Cal
  18. Brittany
  19. Henrietta
  20. Harriet
  21. Oatmeal
  22. Xalia
  23. Jade
  24. Chad

Elimination OrderEdit

  1. Henrietta
  2. Harriet
  3. Oatmeal
  4. Xalia
  5. Jade
  6. Chad
  7. Zoey
  8. Max
  9. Daniel
  10. Brittany
  11. Jake
  12. Gillian
  13. Destinee
  14. Bronson
  15. AJ
  16. Abby
  17. Pablo
  18. Quinn
  19. Iris
  20. Cal
  21. Kevin
  22. Sarah
  23. Brandon (Runner-Up)
  24. Samuel (Winner!)


Mini Teams/ PairsEdit


Elimination TableEdit

Contestants Team Merge MP Ep1. Ep.2 Ep.3 Ep.4 Ep.5 Ep.6 Ep.7 Ep.8 Ep.9 Ep.10 Ep.11 Ep.12 Ep.13 Ep.14 Ep.15 Ep.16 Ep.17 Ep.18 Ep.19 Ep.20 Ep.21
Samuel Bronson YES 5 Henri Harriet Gillian Xalia Jade IN WIN Daniel SAFE LOSE LOSE Bronson AJ Abby Pablo Iris Cal Kevin Kevin IN WINNER
Brandon Awesome 30 Henri Harriet NV Jade Samuel IN SAFE WIN Brittany Jake LOSE SAFE Samuel Pablo Pablo Iris Samuel Samuel Kevin IN SECOND
Sarah Dynamite 25 Henri Harriet Oat Jade Jade IN IN Max WIN SAFE WIN Samuel Iris Abby Pablo Iris Iris Samuel Kevin OUT Quit20
Kevin Dynamite 20 SV Harriet Max Xalia Samuel IN IN Cal WIN SAFE LOSE Bronson Pablo Quinn Quinn Iris Iris Samuel OUT VotedOff 19
Cal Dynamite 25 Jade Harriet Kevin Jade Jade IN IN Max WIN SAFE WIN Samuel Pablo Abby Pablo Iris Iris OUT Quit Episode 18
Iris Awesome 30 NV NV NV Jade Abby IN SAFE WIN Brittany Jake LOSE SAFE AJ NV Quinn Quinn OUT Voted Off Episode 17
Quinn Bronson 5 Henri Harriet Oat Xalia Jade IN SAFE WIN SAFE LOSE LOSE Bronson NV Abby Pablo OUT Voted Off Episode 16
Pablo Awesome 10 Henri Harriet Oat Jake NV IN SAFE WIN AJ Jake LOSE SAFE NV Abby OUT Voted Off Episode 15
Abby Dynamite 45 Jade Harriet Oat Xalia Jade WIN IN Max WIN SAFE WIN Bronson Iris OUT Voted Off Episode 14
AJ Awesome 25 Henri Harriet Oat Zoey Samuel WIN SAFE WIN Brittany Jake WIN SAFE OUT Quit Episode 13
Destinee Bronson NO 15 Henri Harriet Jake Xalia Jade IN WIN Daniel SAFE LOSE LOSE OUT Voted Off Episode 12
Bronson Bronson 15 Henri NV Zoey Jade Jade WIN WIN Daniel SAFE LOSE WIN OUT Voted Off Episode 12
Gillian Bronson 45 Jade Harriet SV NV Quinn IN WIN SV SAFE LOSE OUT Eliminated Episode 11
Jake Bronson 25 NV Harriet Oat SV Jade IN WIN SV SAFE OUT Voted Off Episode 10
Brittany Awesome 25 Debuts Vote Oat NV NV IN SAFE WIN OUT Eliminated Episode 9
Daniel Bronson 30 SV SV Jake Jake Jade IN WIN OUT Voted off Episode 8
Max Dynamite 10 Henri Harriet Zoey Xalia Jade IN Zoey* OUT Voted off Episode 8
Zoey Dynamite 10 NV SV SV Xalia SV IN OUT Eliminated Episode 7
Chad None NO 20 Debuts Ep. 4 NV NV OUT Voted off Episode 6
Jade None 10 Henri Abby Oat Xalia OUT Voted off Episode 5
Xalia None 15 Jade Max Max OUT Voted off Episode 4
Oatmeal None 0 Henri Abby OUT Voted off Episode 3
Harriet None 0 Henri OUT Voted off Episode 2
Henrietta None 0 OUT Voted off Episode 1

Green- First Place
Blue- Second Place
White- Third Place/Received a Lifering
Orange- Last place: Up for elimination

SV- Self Vote (The person did not vote and was up for elimination, so it counted as a vote against them)
NV- Not Verified (The vote was not verified)