Welcome to Total Drama Tour of the Losers, baby! This right here is where the eliminated contestants battle it out for the chance to return and slash or debut! Or, if you're the kind of dude that doesn't want to return, you can settle for simply chatting with your friends.

Current ResidentsEdit

Character User Team Place/s
Total Drama Tour of the World
Bronwyn Neko-naito Team Chris 21st
Seth SethAllred43 Team Chris 20th
Boo Sunslicer2 Team Victory 19th
Alejandro Drama786 Team Chris 18th
Javier TT66 Team Victory 16th
Enrique 124eo Team Chris 15th
Zeke Zannabanna Team Victory 13th/14th
Zach TDADJ Team Victory 12th
Jackson Codyfan9000 Team Amazon 11th
Chase User:First123 Team Amazon 9th
Sam Misstditylerfan Team Chris 5th
Gerard Sunslicer2 No Team 3rd
Total Drama Tour of the Seas
Henrietta Fanfiction2010 Pink Team 24th
Harriet Sierrastalker Purple Team 23rd
Oatmeal Oatmeal- Green Team 22nd
Jade Puffles Rule Green Team 20th
Chad Bbhinton15 Blue Team 19th
Max Mister.. E. Yellow Team/Team Dynamite 17th
Daniel Jake R Purple Team/Team Bronson 16th
Brittany Totalcartoonfan09 Blue Team/Team Awesome 15th
Jake Codmister22 Turquoise Team/Team Bronson 14th
Gillian Sunslicer2 Red Team/Team Bronson 13th
Bronson Reddude Pink Team/Team Bronson 11th
Pablo Platypus09 White Team/Team Awesome 8th
Cal TDAddict Red Team/Team Dynamite 5th
Zoey Heather rocks Team Amazon/Orange Team/ Team Dynamite 7th /18th
Destinee Leshawnafan Team Amazon/Gray Team/Team Bronson WINNER/12th
AJ bridgette_dj10 Team Victory/Lime Team/Team Awesome 6th/10th
Abby Nduke Team Amazon/Orange Team/Team Dynamite 22nd/9th
Quinn EvaBridgetteGwenRocks Team Chris/Black Team/Team Awesome/Team Bronson 10th/7th
Sarah Alejandrofan300 White Team/Team Dynamite 2nd/3rd
Brandon Zoomer72 Team Victory/Yellow Team/Team Awesome 9th/2nd


  • The idea for this is from Mrdaimion.
  • All contestants have ended up here at some point.