Team Dynamite
Number of Members 6
Highest Ranking Member Sarah (3rd Place)
Lowest Ranking Member Zoey (18th Place)
Team Selected By Abby

Team Dynamite is a team formed in episode 6 of Season 2. The team consists of Abby the leader, Sarah, Cal, Max, Kevin and Zoey. The opposing teams are Team Awesome and Team Bronson.



Name Gender Voted Off Team Placed Episode Voted Off Reason Voted Off
Zoey Female 1st 18th Island of Nowhere Missed three challenges in a row, so she was automatically eliminated.
Max Male 2nd 17th Cats of the Seas Was too inactive, so the team voted him off.
Abby Female 3rd 9th Trouble in Tokyo Was getting the most votes and played her idol, but Sarah canceled it out with her Mexico Post Card.
Cal Male 4th 5th And then there were 5... Quit to save Samuel.
Kevin Male 5th 4th Losers of the Carribean Was deemed the least worthy of final three by the other contestants.
Sarah Female 6th 3rd Who You Gonna Vote For? Quit the game.


  • Abby was picked to be the team captain of the team.
  • Zoey was the last to be picked for this team.
  • This team has the same amount of boys and girls, with 3 each, like Team Awesome.
  • This team came into merge with the most members.
  • This team had their last three members eliminated done so in succession (Cal placed 5th, Kevin placed 4th, Sarah placed 3rd).