Team Awesome
Number of Members 6
Highest Ranking Member Brandon, 2nd Place
Lowest Ranking Member Brittany, 15th Place
Team Selected By AJ

Team Awesome is a team of Season 2, led by AJ. He picked Brandon, Brittany, Iris, Pablo, and Quinn to be on his team. The opposing teams were Team Bronson and Team Dynamite.


Original MembersEdit

Removed MembersEdit


Name Gender Voted Off Team Placed Episode Voted Off Reason Voted Off
Brittany Female 1st 15th Jamaican Me Crazy Was inactive.
AJ Male 2nd 10th We're All in this Together Quit because he felt the others deserved to be in more.
Pablo Male 3rd 8th Under the Sea Was inactive.
Iris Female 4th 6th Lucky 7 Would have been hard to get out later due to her relationship with Sam.
Brandon Male 5th 2nd The Final Showdown Lost in final challenge to Samuel.


  • AJ has been picked to be team captain for this team.
  • The last member picked for this team was Pablo.
  • There is an equal amount of boys and girls, with three each.
  • Team Awesome was the first team formed in Total Drama Tour of the Seas.
  • This was the last team in Tour of the Seas to lose a member.
  • The first person eliminated from Team Awesome, Brittany, was auto eliminated, like the first member off of Team Dynamite, Zoey.
  • Team Awesome lost a member when Bronson used the Recruitment Form to take Quinn.
  • Team Awesome voted off Jake after a special twist.