Team Amazon
Team amazon logo tour of the wiki
Number of Members 6
Highest Ranking Member Destinee, 1st Place
Lowest Ranking Member Abby, 22nd Place
Team Selected By Chris

Team Amazon was a team in Total Drama Tour of the World, along with Team Victory and Team Chris. Destinee was their highest ranking member, and Abby was their lowest ranking member.


Original Members:Edit








Name Gender Rank voted off team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Abby Female 6th 22nd Welcome Back to Camp Wawakankwa Was inactive
Herman Male 5th 17th What Happens in Vegas, Makes Good TV Was inactive
Jackson Male 4th 11th Jamaican Me Look Bad Was a threat
Chase Male 3rd 9th A Taste of Season Two Was also a threat
Zoey Female 2nd 8th New York Pity Had to quit becuase of HR's absence
Destinee Female 1st WINNER Won in Totally Dramatic Finale

Reason Won: Got the most Jury Votes


  • Team Amazon had the winner on their team, Destinee.
  • The team never lost twice in a row.
  • The team consisted of three boys and three girls.
  • The team had the person in last place Abby, and the winner, Destinee.
  • Three people made it to season 2.