Team Chris, Black Team, Team Bronson


Gender Male
Episode Eliminated
TOTW: Dude, Who Stole My Million?
TOTW: 4th
TOTS: 1st
Relationship Iris
Family Parents (divorced), Step-dad, Brother
Friends Iris, Quinn, Cal
Enemies Abby, AJ

Samuel, known as The Anti-Social, debuted in Total Drama Tour of the World, and was put on Team Chris. He made it past the merge. He later returns for Total Drama Tour of the Seas and was paired with Quinn on the Black Team, before the teams merged and he was put on Team Bronson. He later made the merge, and went on to win Total Drama Tour of the Seas.



Total Drama Tour of the WorldEdit

Total Drama Tour of the SeasEdit



  • Samuel is one of the eight contestants in both Tour of the World and Tour of the Seas. Along with Abby, AJ, Brandon, Destinee, Quinn, Sarah, and Zoey.
  • Samuel is, on average, tied for the highest ranked character in placings with an average of 2.5 (tied with Sarah).
  • Samuel was on the same team with Quinn every time.
  • Samuel's picture was made by Sunslicer2.
  • While Samuel is called an Anti-Social, he has proven he has a kind side, telling people bad information they don't want to hear, but actually just trying to help. Samuel is very kind to Iris, as well.


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