Purple Team
Number of Members 4
Highest Ranking Member Bronson, 13/14th Place
Lowest Ranking Member Harriet, 24th Place
Team Selected By Pre-Challenge

The Purple Team is one of the pairs of Total Drama Tour of the Seas. It consisted of the normal two-person team, Harriet and Daniel. Harriet left, with Draven joining since his teammate, Henrietta, had already been voted out, making it the Pink/Purple Team. Draven quit, while Bronson replaces him. Thus, Bronson and Daniel were paired together. Bronsons picked Daniel last to be on his team, Team Bronson, and had him voted off first on his team, showing the two disliked each other.


  • This is one of the biggest mini-teams in the show.
  • One member, Bronson, got his own team afterwards.