Green Team
Number of Members 3

Green team logo

Highest Ranking Member Jake, 14th Place
Lowest Ranking Member Oatmeal, 23rd Place
Team Selected By Pre-Challenge

The Green Team was one of the pairs in Total Drama Tour of the Seas. The team consisted of only the regular two members: Jade and Oatmeal. Oatmeal was eliminated 3rd and Jade shortly followed at fifth eliminated, making this the worst team of Total Drama Tour of the Seas. Before Jade's elimination, Jake and her made it the Green/Turquoise team but Jake moved on and Jade didn't. Jake lasted until he was eliminated a little while later.


  • This is the only pair to have someone have a crush on them, but not like them back.
  • This is the first pair to be entirely wiped out of the competition, if you don't count Jake joining.
  • This is the only pair not to make it to teams.
  • This pair had the first team conflict, although Oatmeal actually liked Jade.
  • After Oatmeal was eliminated, it turned into the Green/Turquoise Team with Jake, but they didn't get along either.
  • After Jade was eliminated, Jake was in Team Bronson.
  • There's much speculation that Jade will return during the merge.
  • Jake is the highest ranking member (unless you don't count him on the actual team), while Oatmeal is the lowest ranking.
  • Jake was later voted off by Team Awesome.