Jamaican Me Crazy
Season 2, Episode 9
Challenge(s) Say SAFE MON
Reward(s) None
Winner(s) Team Dynamite
Eliminated Brittany
Episode Guide
"Cats of the Seas"
"Bahama Bash"

E9S2: Jamaican Me CrazyEdit

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

Name Played By...
Abby Nduke
Chris/AJ Bridgette dj10
Brandon Zoomer72
Brittany Totalcartoonfan09
Bronson Reddude
Cal TDAddict
Destinee Leshawnafan
Gillian Sunslicer2
Iris Kate4TDWT
Jake Codmister22
Kevin Kgman04
Pablo Platypus09
Quinn EvaBridgetteGwenRocks
Samuel Mrdaimion
Sarah Alejandrofan3000


  • Samuel: *runs to the door since he heard the phone slamming against the wall, then looks at AJ, Iris, and Quinn, smiles, and walks away* (CONF) What? You think I was gonna get mad at AJ for hugging Iris? *rolls eyes* Puh-lease. I'm not one of thoe jealous guys you see on television far too often.
  • Samuel: *shrugs* Cool. (CONF) My problem? Well... -sighs- Me and Iris haven't been talking lately, and... I sorta like Quinn too now... -looks down and shuffles uncomfortably- Pathetic, I know...
  • Quinn: *walks into her old room* *picks up a photo and holds it tight* Nothing....(CONF): When I was 14 years old I was in my school's junior cheerleading team, I was like the vice captain of the team, and in the middle of the cheer competition the captain was sick, so I had to take her spot. We didn't have a routine to do, so I had to make one op on the spot for us. And we won. *hold a photo of her standing on top of the cheer pyramid* This photo proves that I can do anything, as my mom always said.
  • Iris: *smiles at Quinn then turns to Samuel* It SUCKS that we aren't on the same team, but at least we can be together now. *smiles*
  • AJ: That's good! (CONF) There's too much going on right now to think about. Samuel is trying to break me and Quinn up, and Iris definitely isn't HELPING our relationship! Of course those two "like" each other, but thats even more confusing than me and Quinn. Then there's Bronson and Destinee and who knows whats up with those two. We just lost two of the sane people Daniel and Max, and Gillian and Jake are pretty non existent, and Pablo and Kevin are just kind of....there. Sarah and Brandon was unexpected. There's so much happening