Niagara LOL's
Season 1, Episode 7
Challenge(s) Draw Contestants Getting Married or in a Wedding Dress
Reward(s) None
Winner(s) AJ, Zoey, Jackson, Quinn, Brandon, Zeke and Chase
Eliminated Javier
Episode Guide
"What Happens in Vegas, Makes Good TV"
"Traversing Transylvania"


The challenge was immediately revealed in order to give the contestants time to do it, which was to draw characters either (A) getting married or (B) kissing another contestant.

Quinn then told AJ happy Valentine's Day, which he thanked her for. Brandon was celebrating, claiming how they were "so gonna win." Quinn then told AJ that if he happened to choose Zoey over her, she'd be find about it. AJ then commented on how beautiful Niagra Falls looked, which Zoey quickly agreed with him on. Jackson was then whistling "I Wanna be Famous" when a duck came out of nowhere and stole his hat, prompting Jackson to chase after it.

AJ then suggested they went for a boat ride, in which Zoey and Quinn argued over whch one of them he meant, when he revealed he meant everyone. Jackson was agreeing with him, still running, when he tripped over the railing and fell into Niagara Falls. Luckily for him however, he landed on a life-boat, commenting on how conveniently placed it was.

The challenge results were then revealed, showing that Jackson won with Brandon in second place, giving them immunity later on. Everyone voted out Javier for being the most inactive left.


Name Played By...
AJ Bridgette dj10
Brandon Zoomer
Zeke Zannabanna
Alexander Mister.. E.
Zoey Heather rocks
Jackson Codyfan9000
Chase First123
Quinn EvaBridgetteGwenRocks

Destinee, Enrique, Javier, Sam, and Zach appear and have no lines.


  • Jackson: *barely hears* That's a good ide- *trips over railing and falls into falls* Aaaaaaaah! *lands on a life boat* Wow, this is conveniently placed here!


  • Quinn was the only contestant who didn't use Total Drama Island characters, and instead drew her and AJ kissing.