Mexico Pity
Season 2, Episode 6
Challenge(s) Pick Your Teams
Reward(s) Nothing
Winner(s) None
Eliminated Chad
Episode Guide
"New York, New York"
"Island of Nowhere"

E6S2: Mexico PityEdit


The episode is like usual, everyone doing there own thing. After the MP point search is revealed, everyone begins looking. Bronson gets a mariachi band to help him (Which he bribed them with 20 dollars). Abby and Daniel are looking through sand, and Jake is walking around. The MP points card are in front of Abby and Jake. They both find it. However, Bronson tries to take the MP card from Jake, which makes Jake furious. In the end, Jake and Abby won the MP point cards. However, Jake split his between Bronson and Max, because he said he was being a jerk.

The challenge comes, and everyone is ready. The challenge is to pick a team. The person with no team is eliminated. The 3 people choosing teams are Abby, AJ, and Bronson. AJ picks first and picks Quinn. Bronson goes with his new band and picks Destinee. Destinee then says sarcastically "Oh joy". Next, Abby picks Sarah. AJ picks Iris with some thinking. Bronson picks Samuel. However, Samuel does not like this, and goes off on Bronson, where the two fight.

Then, Abby picks Cal. AJ picks Brandon, because they were both on Team Victory last season. Bronson shrugs and picks Jake. Abby takes some time thinking and picks Max. AJ picks newbie Brittany. Bronson has a tough time choosing, but chooses Gillian. Abby picks Kevin. AJ'a last pick is Pablo. Bronson takes Daniel for his last pick.

The final 2 people are Chad and Zoey. Abby chooses Zoey because she knows her better.

Chad is eliminated from the game without saying a word.


Name Played By...
Abby Nduke
Chris/AJ Bridgette dj10
Brandon Zoomer72
Brittany Totalcartoonfan09
Bronson Reddude
Cal TDAddict
Chad Bbhinton15
Daniel Jake R
Destinee Leshawnafan
Gillian Sunslicer2
Iris Kate4TDWT
Jake Codmister22
Kevin Kgman04
Max Mister.. E.
Pablo Platypus09
Quinn EvaBridgetteGwenRocks
Samuel Mrdaimion
Sarah Alejandrofan3000
Zoey Heather Rocks


  • Samuel: *glares at Bronson* Seriously?! I was expecting some low-life would seperate me from Iris, but still... -.- *sighs, and turns to Iris* Ah well, at least we never were on the same team...


  • The title refers to Mexico City.