Don't Probe me, Bro!
Season 1, Episode 12
Challenge(s) Song Pick for Tyler
Reward(s) None
Winner(s) Destinee, Sam
Eliminated Quinn
Episode Guide
"Jamaican Me Look Bad"
"A Taste of Season Two"

E12S1: Don't Probe Me, Bro!Edit


The cast arrive in Area 51 this week. The home of aliens, monsters and loads of deadly things. The contestant's challenge is to choose a song that represents Tyler, from Total Drama. The special guest was BbHinton and he chose Destinee and Samuel as the winners. After, much voting, Quinn was voted out.

Cast Seen In The EpisodeEdit


AJ: " I feel bad about voting Jackson...on the upside, first class rocks! *eats a cookie* *sits at bar* So Quinn, Brandon who should we vote out next?"

Brandon: "Hmmm. I don't know."

Quinn: "*applying makeup* I don't know."

Quinn: *gets electric shocked by a lazer*

AJ: *Sees an alien*" Awesome! "*Follows it*

Quinn: *falls asleep after being electric shocked*

AJ: *Is still following alien*

Brandon: *sees AJ and follows him, but he doesn't know there's an alien*

Sarah: "Hi,Brandon!"

Quinn: *rubs her head* "Ugh, stupid laser.. "

Sarah: "You alright? "

Quinn: "Yeah....*sits down on a cargo box* By the way, who are you?"

AJ: *Gets electrocuted by alien* "Hey Quinn *Walking dizzily* How is the shock doing?"

Quinn: "Oh, a bit better. I hate this place...."*crosses her arms*

AJ: *Still walking dizzily* "Yeah aliens aren't my favorite."

Quinn: *giggles* "Anyways, Im getting out of this place. Coming?"

AJ: "Yeah!"

Quinn: *hugs AJ* "Let's go". *starts walking*

Brandon: "Wait up!" catches up with them*

AJ: "Where are we going?"

Quinn: *grabs AJ's his hand* "Out of here". *starts walking towards the enterance.