Daniel, known as The Cool Guy, is a contestant on season 2. He was paired with Harriet at first on the Purple Team, but after she got eliminated, Daniel got paired with Draven. However Draven's user, 1dra7, quit, and Daniel was paired with his replacement, newcomer Bronson. He went on to make the team stage and was placed on Team Bronson. He is played by Jake R.

Purple Team
Team Bronson

Daniel drawn by meh

Gender Male
Episode Eliminated TDS:Cats of seas
Place TDS: 16th
Relationship Quinn (attracted to)
Family Father, Mother, 2 sisters
Friends Bronson, Quinn, Sarah, Draven
Enemies Possibly Harriet



Total Drama Tour of the SeasEdit

In Time to Set Sail!, Daniel put on his swimsuit and went to the pool. Daniel also went on a zipline, and stared at hot girls, but he eventually hit his groin on a pole. The challenge was to dive off the ship into the waters below. Daniel dived in with excitment. He was the first one from his team (of 2). Daniel and his partner Draven were not up for elimination. He did not vote at the elimination ceremony.

In Bermuda Square, Daniel didn't compete much in the trivia challenge because he was too lazy, and off doing other things. Daniel was up for the elimination. However, nobody voted for Daniel, so he was safe. He again did not vote at the elimination ceremony.




  • Daniel is played by Jake R.
  • Daniel is based on my real life personality.
  • Daniel was drawn by me!
  • In the TOS theme song, Daniel is seen shopping with Harriet and Jake. However, something pops out of Harriet's bag, and the three run away.
  • Daniel was originally named Jake, but Jake was taken. To not get things confused, Jake was renamed Daniel.


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