Team Victory
Yellow Team
Team Awesome

Brandon 2

Gender Male
Hair color Light Brown
Eye color Blue

Episode Eliminated

TOTW: Loch Ness Mess

TOTS: And the winner is...


TOTW: 7th

TOTS: 2nd


Father, Mother, Two Brothers, One Sister

Zoey (broke up), Sarah


AJ, Quinn, Sarah, Iris

Enemies Samuel (Possibly)
Fear Thunder and Lightning
Talent Making Friends, Art, Gymnastics, Writing
Nicknames TBA

Brandon McCarthy, labeled The Nice Guy, was a contestant on Total Drama Tour of the World, and was put on Team Victory. He later returned for Total Drama Tour of the Seas, on the Yellow pair with Max, but when the teams were changed he was put on Team Awesome. He later becomes the runner up of the season, losing to Samuel. He is played by Zoomer72.


Total Drama Tour of the WorldEdit

Brandon was a worthy competitor in Total Drama Tour of the World. He stuck close with his Team Victory team members, earning them many wins. Even after the merge, with his close alliance with AJ, he managed to acheive 7th place. In the finale, he voted for Destinee to win. He also got into a close relationship with Zoey, who became his girlfriend.

Total Drama Tour of the SeasEdit

Brandon took his game in Total Drama Tour of the Seas to a whole new level. Throughout the pair stage, although his pair member Max wasn't so active, and he broke up with Zoey, he still managed to make it through. In the teams stage, he got into a relationship with Sarah, who became his new girlfriend. And unlike with Zoey, the two were very close. Even closer than before. On Team Awesome, with many of his Season 1 friends, the team did very well. After the merge, Brandon, with his close ally and new girlfriend Sarah, made it all the way to the final two when he was finally defeated by his somewhat enemy, Samuel. Although, Samuel split his money with Brandon and the two of them became friends.


  • Brandon's last name is McCarthy.
  • He is half Irish, half Scottish.
  • Brandon has been in two seasons, Total Drama Tour of the World, and Total Drama Tour of the Seas.
  • He has been on a team with AJ every time, except for the Yellow Team, which was more of a pairing. He was with Max then.
  • Interestingly, Brandon has always been on the yellow or golden coloured team. (Team Victory, Yellow Team, and Team Awesome)
  • Brandon has been in two relationships. First with Zoey in season one, but they broke up in the beginning of season two. But in season two, Sarah and Brandon hooked up, and they are still going strong.
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