Team Amazon
Orange Team
Team Dynamite
Pink Crushers
Team Liberty
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated Episode 1- TDWTofW
Episode 14- TOS
Place 22nd (TOW)
9th (TOS)
Relationship Kevin (ex-boyfriend), Ian (attraction)
Family Melanei (sister)
Reece (cousin) Mrs. Jensen (mother)
Mr. Jensen (step-father)
Joe Catania (father)
Friends Zoey, Sarah, Cal, Kevin, Iris, Destinee, Jake, Bronson (possibly), AJ, Xalia
Enemies Jade, Sam, Quinn (possibly)

Abby, labeled The Dumb Cheerleader was a contestant on Total Drama Tour of the World. She was placed on Team Amazon. She was the first eliminated, saying no lines. Despite this, she returned for Total Drama Tour of the Seas on the Orange Team with Zoey. She later makes the new teams, and is chosen for Team Dynamite. Abby is played by Nduke.



Total Drama Tour of the World

Total Drama Tour of the Seas

Total Drama Tour of the Games'




  • She didn't make it to the merge in the first season but did in the second season.
  • She has had perhaps the best placement move over two seasons ever. Moving up 13 spaces in rank from Tour of the World, to Tour of the Seas.
Team Amazon

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Team Dynamite

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